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EU Parliament (Tower of Babel Poster 01) by NixSeraph EU Parliament (Tower of Babel Poster 01) by NixSeraph
This is a poster the European Union created several years ago to show off the design for their upcoming Parliament Building, designed and built after the Tower of Babel in the Old Testament. "Many Tongues, One Voice = The New World Order"

In the land of Shinar, Nimrod the king established the world's first New World Order--a one-world political and theological tyrannical government system, where he was worshiped as a god by his people. As a demonstration of his worldly power and authority (and also his arrogance), he had a tower built that he supposed would reach to the heavens, to ascend higher than the throne of God. In response to this abomination, the Almighty God had Nimrod killed, the languages of the people confounded, and the people scattered. That was why He did it. By confusing the languages and scattering the people all over the world, God put an end to their ancient New World Order. However, because of the evil influence of Satan through his established secret societies, those that would rebel against God today have once again gathered to rebuild the NWO and their Tower of Babel.

Trust in God! Have faith in Him, the King of the Universe. He destroyed their New World Order then, and now that it is being rebuilt in the image of the European Union, the day will soon come when He will destroy it again--this time, permanently.

Visit my YouTube Channel to learn more about the New World Order and how you can join the fight to help bring them down:


Discover who YOU really are by finding God's pure, beautiful truth at:


Here are several Google and YouTube searches that will hopefully get you started on your road to personal enlightenment:
"false flag terror"
"false flag operation"
"9/11 truth"
"new world order"
"bilderberg group"
"council on foreign relations"
"trilateral commission"
"secret societies"
"federal reserve"
"central bank"
"world bank"
"J.P. Morgan"
"Jekyll Island"
"america freedom to fascism"
"Alex Jones"
"the obama deception"
"fall of the republic"

Here are some additional websites to visit to further your education:

InfoWars = [link]
PrisonPlanet = [link]
World Affairs Brief = [link]
Architects & Engineers For 911 Truth = [link]
Remember Building 7 = [link]
Pilots For 911 Truth = [link]
Loose Change (911) = [link]
John Birch Society = [link]
LDS Conservative = [link]
LDS Liberty = [link]
Awake & Arise = [link]
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